This isn't your usual riding school! Our group classes are dedicated to introducing and building a child’s skills in caring for, handling, and, eventually, riding horses in a fun, interactive environment. Our goal is to educate children using a natural horsemanship philosophy. This means that a relationship of respect, communication, and cooperation will be formed between the horse or pony and your child, the handler. Riding is the bonus.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”Benjamin Franklin

Some Horse-sense subjects we can include:

Breeds of the World; Evolution & Domestication; Types of Horse Activities; Communication; Herd Instinct & Leadership; Horse Senses, Temperament & Personality; Colors & Markings; Confirmation; Describing a Horse; Gaits & Movement; Hooves & Shoes; Muscle, & Skeleton; Points of Horse; Teeth & Aging; After Work Care; Barn, Stalls, & Fields; Caring for Tack; Feeding & Watering; Grooming; Health & Wellbeing; Stall Care; Riding Attire; Tools for Training; Types of Tack; Basics of Training; Catching & Releasing; Haltering; Handling Bad Behavior; Introduction to Natural Horsemanship; Leading; Tying; Falling Off & Emergency Dismount; How to Jog (trot); How to Mount & Dismount; How to Sit; How to Turn; How to Walk & Halt; Neck Reining; Riding Exercises; Styles of Riding; Tacking-Up; Using Riding Aids; Horse & Riding Safety.