We are the Condarco family & friends. We own and operate a small 11 acre ranch in Bailey, Texas. Rancho Condarco is dedicated to introducing people to our animals through our services. Our goal is to give each guest a personal, cherished experience while promoting a love and caring for animals. Our pony rides & petting zoo allows everyone interaction with our wonderful animals. Our animals live and play on the Rancho with us.

“Our animals give us so much love and affection. They enrich our lives. Being able to share that with others has been my greatest joy and achievement.”Dianne Condarco

We provide Lil Bitty Corral Pony Rides & Petting Zoo, which is our Mobile Farm Animal Zoo services. This allows people to experience our animals in a fun, interactive environment. We have many animals. From a pony, mini horse, mini donkey, llama, dwarf goat, potbelly pigs, bunny, chickens, ducks, geese, and other domestic farm animals. They are cute, sweet and tame.

“We consider ourselves ambassadors of the equine industry, as many times we are the first pony that a child, or even adults, ever come in contact with. Everything we do is to promote the proper care and love for our critters.”Ross Condarco

We have built our business, and our lives, around caring for our animals and sharing them with others. We would love to be able to share them with you.

We provide our services to the East Texas, Texoma, and DFW areas, so if you're in that area please consider us for your next party or event. You can view our services here.

Note: we are NOT an OPEN RANCH. We invite people by appointment only to visit our property. Sometimes we have Open Ranch Days, which will be listed on our website's Events Calendar and Facebook Page.