Hello! I’m Misty, the admin. I’m the daughter of Dianne, the official owner and operator of Rancho Condarco LLC. My father, Ross, is our lead animal trainer, vehicle mechanic, and the ranch handyman. My daughter has worked for the business since she was 8. My sister, Liz, and her kids have also had a hand in building this company. Yeah, this is definitely a family business built on our love for our animals.

Our family wasn’t always like this. I mean, we’ve always loved animals. We just happened to be a military family that lived in the suburbs of Cedar Hill, TX for most of our school age. There were cows across from our Junior High, but not much room for horses in our backyard.

“Our animals give us so much love and affection. They enrich our lives. Being able to share that with others has been my greatest joy and achievement.”Dianne Condarco

My parents met in the Navy. They were married shortly after. Even though they grew up in very different parts of the country, Iowa vs Texas, they shared similar experiences. Both come from large families, spent early childhood in the country raising animals, and had a love for horses. Of course, they grew up and left all of that behind.

My Mom left the military and went into marketing. My Dad stayed in the Navy for 22 years before retiring and moving into a computer networking career. They still loved animals, though. My sister and I grew up with a lot of dogs.

Life moved on and so did we. My dad got a promotion to VP with a bank and moved to South Carolina. This is where they got horses again. It started with two, but they ended up moving with five when they finally came back to Texas.

Evenly they got my kiddo a pony and then they got a mini horse for my sister’s kid. These were Foxyboy and Olrio. They were the hit of every family event or gathering on the ranch. All the children loved them and my folks loved sharing the joy of horses with them. And. that’s what started Rancho Condarco’s Lil Bitty Corral.

Original Crew

My parents are now living their dream of sharing their love of animals. This is more than a business; it’s their life.

“We consider ourselves ambassadors of the equine industry, as many times we are the first pony that a child, or even adults, ever come in contact with. Everything we do is to promote the proper care and love for our critters.”Ross Condarco